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The song “Remember the good times” has an especially poignant back story. A close friend of songwriter Seán Silke died tragically in Peru in 2013. As the months passed, there was something very striking about the state of mind of her friends and family. They behaved as if she were a living presence. Some spoke of regular dreams where Maria “visited” and spoke to them.

Her mother spoke of seeing her on a bus journey into the city. A friend in Lima commented: “Our loved ones are still here as a vivid presence: we keep them alive by means of our memories of the good times”. This conscious decision to keep Maria alive by speaking of her in everyday conversation and refusing to let her go struck Seán as a very profound understanding of death and loss. In “Remember the good times”, he uses the device of having the “dead” person sing the lyrics, communicating a message of love and hope from the “other side”.

“Remember the good times” is a detailed remix of a track from the 2018 Weekend Special album, “In the heart of the castle”.


(Weekend Special featuring Ciarán Moran)

“They come to dance” is the third in a series of three Weekend Special songs featuring Ciarán Moran, released throughout 2022 on Beardfire Music.

In the 2006 film “The Singer”, Gerard Depardieu plays Alain Moreau, an ageing performer who sings for one of the few remaining dance-bands in Clermont-Ferrand. Though something of an idol amongst his female audience, he has a melancholic awareness of the slow disappearance of that audience and of his advancing years.

The new single, “They come to dance”, was inspired by this film and movingly evokes a time when romance is increasingly unlikely. “They come to dance / Cos the leaves are falling / Autumn in their hearts / In other lonely arms / They no longer feel apart”.

Someone believing in you

(Weekend Special featuring Ciarán Moran)

“Someone believing in you” is the second in a series of three Weekend Special songs featuring Ciarán Moran, due for release throughout 2022 on Beardfire Music.

Everyone longs for unconditional love, the sheer emotional luxury of having someone believe in you. It seems like a simple need, an uncomplicated request of life. It is a hope that we cling to, even though in reality it is like demanding the sun, the moon and the stars. This is the theme of “Someone believing in you”.

A long long time

(Weekend Special featuring Ciarán Moran)

Always keen to work with the cream of Ireland’s singer and songwriter talent, Weekend Special are now collaborating with Dublin artist Ciarán Moran. “A Long Long Time” is the first in a series of three Weekend Special songs featuring Ciarán, due for release throughout 2022 on Beardfire Music.

In recent years, Ciarán Moran has been building a loyal fan-base throughout Ireland and beyond, gathering approval from audiences in venues such as the Olympia Theatre, Vicar Street , the Academy, Electric Picnic, and a recent sell out show in Whelans. He has supported and shared the stage with Damien Dempsey, Aslan, Maverick Sabre, Jamie Webster, Bagatelle, and Brian Kennedy.  Legendary Irish folk singer, Christy Moore, says of Ciarán – “He writes powerful songs, songs that deserve to be heard, about subjects that very few will write or sing about.”


(Remix – Ukraine charity single)

Originally recorded in 2018 by Weekend Special, “Who can silence the wind?” was re-released in April 2022 as a special radio edit, remixed and remastered. The song recalls the funeral of the great Russian writer, Boris Pasternak (“Dr Zhivago”). Pasternak was the son of two Ukrainian parents and throughout his life remained close to his roots. A poet and novelist who was sensitive to the harsh realities of life under Soviet rule, Pasternak visited Ukraine during the Holodomor, a period when between 6 and 10 million Ukrainians died due to a man-made famine inflicted on them by Stalin. As new horrors unfold before us today, and as an outpouring of support and humanitarian aid flows to Ukraine from many parts of Europe, the sentiments of “Who can silence the wind?” seem very fitting. All proceeds from this single go to the relief work of the Irish Red Cross and Unicef in Ukraine

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